About Quezon City Polytechnic University

The Quezon City Polytechnic was created on March 1, 1994 by virtue of the City Council Ordinance No. SP-171 an institution to primarily undertake the training and development of qualified technicians and skilled workers.

The Three-Year Technician Curriculum was introduced in the SY 1994-1995 designed to develop highly competent technicians for industry in the areas of Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Welding Technology, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technology, and Fashion Technology. Added to the Three-Year Curriculum in the school year that followed were Electronics Technology, Mechanical Technology or Machine Shop, Computer Technology and an industry-led pilot course in Boiler Technology.

The QCP established its reputation among local government units as a show window and model technology-based institution paving the way for its recognition of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and developing a strong alliance with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In 2001, Ordinance SP – 1030 created a charter for the establishment of Quezon CityPolytechnic University. QCPU started its operation by offering one (1) year programs and short term courses. By the year 2005, QCPU started offering college degree courses. Right now, QCPU prides itself in providing employment to its graduates and serves as a tool for national development, particularly in Quezon City.

At present, under the leadership of Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, Jr., starting SY 2005, meaningful access to higher education is now possible with a ladderized concept of pursuing higher education. The idea is that every person should have the opportunity for education and training commensurate to his abilities. Now, QCPU offers 3 Degree Programs and 8 Regular Technical-Vocational Courses, as well as Special Short-term courses.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Majors: Computer Science, Computer Technology, and Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
Majors: Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurial Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering

Technical-Vocational Programs

Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II
Automotive Servicing NC I and II
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning NC II (RAC NC II)
Shielded Metal Arc Wielding (SMAW NC II)
Gas Metal Arc Wielding (GMAW NC II)
Computer Secretarial
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II (CHS-NC II)
Building Wiring Installation NC II
Machining NC II
Computer Programming NC IV
Dress Making NC II
Carpentry NC II

Short Term Courses

2-Months Programs
Shielded Metal Arc Wielding NC II
Motor Rewinding
Radio Servicing
T.V. Servicing
Cellphone Repair Technician
Computer Technician
Procedural Programming Language
Object-Oriented Programming Language

5-Month Programs
Dress Making NC II
Audio-Video Servicing
Cellphone Repair Technician
Electronically-Controlled Domestic Appliance Servicing

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